Guelph Fitness Bootcamp is an indoor semi-private group Program designed for individuals who are looking to jump start a fitness regimen. This interval-type program is only 30 minutes and guaranteed to be fun, effective and challenging you will sweat, feel pumped, leaving you energized and strong! You will meet like-minded people for motivation and social support! Space is limited and registering only 3 people into the Program. You will use work using TRX Suspension Trainer, Weights, Cable Pulleys, Chin-up Bars, Kettlebells, Ball/Bosu, Bodyweight training, Core training and Pilates.

Why choose Guelph Fitness Boot Camp?

1. Scheduled Bootcamp Classes - Choose a timeslot that fits your schedule. Bootcamp classes are open on Monday/Wednesday/Friday for 3 times a week or Monday/Wednesday for 2 times a week. Click here for details.

2. You will not get lost in a crowd - Guelph Fitness Bootcamp is limited to three (3) people only. This means individualised attention in a group setting because we care about your health, safety and well-being.

3. Results - You will be challenged with exercises designed to target those stubborn areas. You will sweat, feel pump leaving you energised and strong! The 30 minute workouts designed by Guelph Fitness Bootcamp will include cardiovascular, functional and body weight training, core training, Bosu/Ball, Pilates with small equipment, kettlebells and chinup bars. You will keep moving and never get bored.

4. Nutritional Support - Guelph Fitness Bootcamp will provide you with practical nutritional information and support so you can incorporate changes into your new lifestyle.

5. Access to Equipment - There is no need to bring equipment to a class. Guelph Fitness Bootcamp will provide the necessary equipment to help you burn fat, lose weight, tone up and maximize your results.

6. Fitness at any level - This Program is designed for people who want to jump start their fitness regimen or someone who is needing a good kick in the butt! Guelph Fitness Bootcamp is Semi-Private, this means individualised attention because of less people so you will no longer be another face in the crowd.

7. Cost Effective - Guelph Fitness Bootcamp cost much less based on a one-on-one personal training session.

8. Money Back Guarantee - Try Guelph Fitness Bootcamp for 1 week and if you are not satisfied with the Program has to offer, you will receive your money back.

What results can you expect?

  • Increased self-esteem and confidence

  • Increased muscle tone and flexibility

  • 3 to 12 lbs of weight loss

  • Feel stronger and younger

  • Tighter and flatter abs - meaning smaller pant size!

  • Increased strength and stamina

  • Helps to lead a healthier lifestyle

  • Improved posture

  • Enhanced coordination and balance

The next series of Bootcamp starts on:

Monday, January 23, 2012
(6 weeks)

Registration DEADLINE is January 19.

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